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Green Lodging Partners' focus is working with hotel and resort management to increase market share and profitability.   We do this through advising on strategic environmentally and socially responsible actions and operations. Our team has conducted over 100 assessments verifying organizational adherence to various environmental leadership standards.  Green Lodging Partners can advise management on green certification strategies from a variety of different certification programs.  We also offer implementation services for an assortment of different environmental and social programs:

  • waste reduction,
  • energy and water efficiencies,
  • non toxic chemical alternatives, and
  • responsible purchasing programs.

We guarantee our clients effective, innovative and reliable solutions to the ecological and social challenges faced by the hospitality industry.

Our goal is to help our clients in the creation of effective, value-added practices that incur pride and dedication to the resulting green operations and which will easily pass any certification audit on the first try.

Green Lodging Partners reaches that goal at an affordable price by providing effective training, technical expertise, and record-keeping approaches that bring the goal into reach through a series of rapid, graduated steps, each building on its predecessors, which lead to effortless success on the day of the audit. We are so certain of our clients’ success that we offer a guarantee of our work: if a client fails to pass during the initial audit, we will work at a reduced rate to address the findings until it does pass.

The Process

At Green Lodging Partners, we systematically guide our partners and clients through the process of improving hotel operations by identifying opportunities to reduce costs and grow revenues.

Our experience with many certification schemes stems from our 15+ years assessing these systems for a variety of certifiers.  We offer a gap analysis against the criteria to understand where your organization stands relative to the standard, and then work with your staff to create the procedures and record keeping that will both meet the requirement of the standard and be aligned with your organization's values and way of doing things.  We then train your staff as to the environmental benefits of these procedures and help insure implementation.

Once implemented, we guarantee certification and will work with you to address any remaining issues from the audit, strategy, planning, implementation, certification (if applicable) and maintenance.

To minimize financial risk, Green Lodging Partners has defined a sequence of measured steps/activities designed to reveal exactly where improvements can be made.

Going Green – adopting a sustainability strategy – promises significant benefits in several
aspects of your business. Let the professionals at Green Lodging Partners demonstrate how this is done efficiently and cost effectively.